Case Study: Hotel Shift Management

hotel employee scheduling system review

Smart Scheduling for Hotel and Hospitality

Berndt CPA helps hotel improve their bottom line with simplified scheduling and more efficient time and attendance tracking.

Contact Berndt CPA for information regarding Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite The Bayside Hotel and Resort is a 135-room, 5-story complex which includes a hotel, two restaurants, and a small business center. There is no “typical” day for The Bayside Hotel, and they trust in a diverse workforce to manage a wide range of guest requests at every hour of the day.

To keep an otherwise hectic operation running smoothly, Bayside faces labor force challenges that range from last-minute sick leave to schedule changes to last-minute overtime. With their reputation resting squarely on their power to serve patrons with personal attention, workforce management is a leading concern at Bayside. Their ultimate goal; improve customer service without increasing labor costs.

Formidable Workforce Management Challenges

The management staff had been struggling to find an employee timekeeping and scheduling system that eliminated understaffing, could be adapted on the fly, kept all parties notified about scheduling changes, tracked data for DOL compliance, and guaranteed that time cards were turned in on time to the payroll processing service. For Bayside, this was no easy task with so many diverse departments including hospitality, housekeeping, maintenance, and operations. In every department, managers needed reliable data to develop scheduling strategies that eliminated waste while maintaining a distinctive standard of service for their visitors.

Bayside needed a hotel employee scheduling solution that would meet scheduling objectives while offering greater flexibility for staff members and less busy work for supervisors.

Time and Attendance Made Easy With Berndt CPA

hotel employee scheduling system review The Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite time tracking tool, TimeWorksPplus, started delivering benefits during the very first pay cycle. With mobile access built in, TimeWorksPplus allows employees to clock in/out on their mobile device wherever they are—whether they work in housekeeping, guest services, security, or maintenance. Because the PunchLogic feature greatly reduces missed and duplicate punches, time card accuracy has improved substantially.

TimeSimplicity Cleans up the Scheduling Mess

TimeSimplicity has dramatically improved the scheduling process for Bayside managers and employees. It delivers supervisors smart tools for straightforward, hassle-free scheduling and enables staff members to take over many tasks previously done by supervisors. Bayside managers are amazed at how simple it is to create, save, and change recurring schedules.

SOLUTION — Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite

  • TimeSimplicity for expedited scheduling and mobile coordination.
  • TimeWorksPplus for integrated time and attendance tracking.
  • Mobile access provides employee access and management control.

Employees and management enjoy the automation and centralization of scheduling operations. Employees place schedule requests to the Virtual Trade Board and view which additional shifts they may pick up. Once a manager has approved a schedule change, TimeSimplicity alerts the employee; eliminating endless phone calls, texts, and emails.

TimeSimplicity has reduced under-staffing which has accelerated room turn-around, shortened front desk guest wait times, and increased staff efficiency.

Employee hours are controlled with customized system warnings and there are nine pay-rate fields and employee groups/sorting/filtering functions to give every department supervisor scheduling precision.

Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite is the same system used by Hilton, Embassy Suites, Ramada, Sheraton, Holiday Inn and Marriott to save time, decrease labor costs, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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