Headache-Free Scheduling with TimeSimplicity

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Introducing TimeSimplicity by Berndt CPA. TimeSimplicity is a convenient advanced scheduling solution that integrates with our TimeWorksPplus time and attendance system in the Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite.

TimeSimplicity revolutionizes the scheduling process for both managers and associates. It offers managers smart tools for easy, hassle-free scheduling and allows employees to take over many tasks previously done by supervisors.

  • TimeSimplicity does more than just schedule employees; it helps you manage and empower your employees to engage with scheduling and lessens a lot of the burden from your management team.
  • TimeSimplicity helps eliminate over-staffing and reduces overtime with customized system warnings.
  • TimeSimplicity swiftly identifies gaps in coverage before it’s too late and sends email and SMS alerts, so you know when there’s a problem before it gets out of hand.
  • System automation finds eligible employees to cover open shifts.
  • Create schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity, view schedules by group, week, and color code for manageable identification, and fill last minute shift vacancies within seconds.

There are preset templates to help you establish schedules swiftly or copy and paste your own templates for total customization.

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Berndt CPA offers Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite, the powerful, fully-integrated Workforce Management Suite that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your managers, employees, and business.

Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite includes TimeWorksPplus, TimeSimplicity, and TimeWorks Mobile. Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite is developed for busy employers like you who need to streamline scheduling, automate time and attendance tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce labor costs.

How much can you save? Check our Berndt CPA ROI Calculator.

We can get you up and running with Swipeclock Workforce Management Suite in minutes. Contact us today to set up a demo.

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