Why Your Company Needs a Hiring Plan

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Do you hire on an as-needed basis?

In other words, when someone quits, you kick into hiring mode?

Turn a reactive hiring operation to a proactive one.

You do this by establishing a yearly hiring plan.

  1. You will find higher quality employees
  2. Your organization will grow faster
  3. You will boost employee morale
  4. You will maximize your recruiting budget

What Is A Yearly Hiring Plan?

A hiring plan is long-term strategy for your human capital needs. It forecasts the talent you will need and outlines the steps to meet those needs.

How Will A Yearly Hiring Help My Company?

A hiring plan ensures uninterrupted productivity. When you anticipate talent needs, you can take the time to find the ideal team member for each job role. 

A carefully-sourced hire adds value sooner than a rushed hire. It increases the quality and competence of your workforce.

How Do I Create A Yearly Hiring Plan?

  1. Evaluate your current workforce
  2. Align talent needs with business growth forecasts
  3. Ascertain if your hiring processes are effective
  4. Create a hiring roadmap for 2020 and beyond

Assess Hiring Needs

First, survey each department. This means the executive team, managers, and several existing employees.

Assess the hiring needs for the coming year (or longer). Will you be adding product or services? Will you be opening new markets?

Determine if you have skills gaps. Identify if you have current employees who could fill some of the positions.

Talk to the executives about the business strategy. Which new roles will be necessary? 

Once you have finished your plan, you will need to circle back if the hiring budget is too low.

If your organization is too large to talk to everyone in person, create a survey. If you use WorkforceHUB, post a link to the survey on the HR interface.

Next, evaluate your hiring processes.

  1. Are you hiring quality associates?
  2. Are you filling positions in a timely manner?
  3. Does the process work efficiently?
  4. If not, what do you need to improve?

Make a plan to improve your hiring processes. Combine your hiring plan with your recruiting process improvements.

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With ApplicantStack, you find better associates, faster. It helps you maximize your hiring budget. Automated scoring measures soft skills and increases diversity. Collaboration tools help your team work together efficiently.

Bottom line?

ApplicantStack will help you execute your hiring plan to grow your business.


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