Employee Problems? Maybe It’s Your Scheduling.

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Poor employee scheduling causes problems for your company. Fortunately, you can fix it with TimeSimplicity from Berndt CPA. Here are the 5 signs of broken scheduling.

1. Employee Turnover

Employee scheduling has a big impact on turnover rates. Lowering your rate of employee attrition provides savings to every department. Allowing employees more control over their schedules may lower your attrition rate significantly.

2. Unhappy Staff members

Inflexible or unpredictable scheduling can make life miserable for team members. Schedule confusion is also a morale-buster. Business owners who support the work/life balance of their team members are rewarded with lower turnover and happier employees.

3. Shift Coverage Gaps

Short staffing shortchanges employees and customers. TimeSimplicity alerts you to coverage gaps.

4. Lack of Employee Involvement

Your personnel don’t have to be passive participants in the scheduling process. Ease the burden on your managers and have employees do their own shift trading. Talk to Berndt CPA about the TimeSimplicity virtual shift exchange.

5. Hiring Woes

Employees look at more than compensation. Poor scheduling can be a deal breaker. If you’re known for bad employee scheduling, you will only attract job candidates who can’t get hired anywhere else When trying to compete with other business owners, you can’s raise wages indefinitely. Better scheduling is a perk that doesn’t cost you more.

Berndt CPA employee scheduling software makes employee-friendly scheduling easy.

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